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Custom Hair Color



Temporary hair color works on the surface of hair to add sheer color and it typically only last 1-2 shampoos. 

This is a great service if you wish to add sheen or suttle hue to your hair that can be seen in the sunlight. It's also great, if you desire a temporary change in tone and you already have pre-lightened hair.




Semi-permamnent hair color works on the surface of hair to deposit color, yet lasts longer than temporary hair color. Some color is removed with each shampoo, but color typically lasts from 4-8 shampoos. Can be used to cover low % of gray.



Permanent hair color works on the inner layers of hair. Ideal for changing hair color, covering gray hair up to 100%, or lightening natural hair color up to 3-4 shades. ​There are endless techniques can be achieved with permanent hair color, including special blends, multi-tonal, trendy ombres, and highlights.



Demi-permanent formulas are ideal for enhancing, refreshing or darkening hair color (either natural or previously colored). These formulas generally last up to 6 weeks, so they offer less commitment than permanent hair color. Ammonia-free. Gently penetrates hair shaft. Is great for added vibrancy, shine, as well as gray coverage.

High Lights


Highlights consist of selecting thin or thick strands of hair that are then lightened at least 2 shades lighter than the rest of your hair. Highlights should compliment your natural or artificial hair color.


One misconception of highlighting is that highlights are only blonde in color. This is not true. Highlights can be any tone or any shade of light or dark. 

We use highlights to add dimension to any of our signature haircuts to make them "Pop" or stand out. These two services put together, individualizes the style to each client.

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