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Frequently Asked Hair Care Questions


Why Is My Hair Always Dry?

Dry, brittle hair can be the result of many factors - dietary deficiencies, excessive chemical applications, under production of oil glands of the scalp, cotton head wraps or pillow cases, stress; which preys on the many vitamins & minerals needed to grow hair, not enough blood circulation to the scalp, excessive use of heat appliances, inappropiate choice of shampoo & conditoner for hair type -


Self-Help home remedy: 1. Apply a daily moisturizer that feed the hair vital vitamins&minerals preferably one that Do Not contain mineral oil or petroleum 2. Wrap hair or sleep on 100% satin or silk these fibers will not absorb moisture out of hair but keep them in! 3.When using heat appliances at home keep the temp setting below 400 degrees & do not use more than twice a week.


How Can I get Rid of My Dandruff? 

Dandruff can be the result of many factors - hormone imbalance, bacteria & fungi living on the scalp, excessive oil production from the sebaceous glands, dietary indiscretions & deficiencies, allergies, poor hygiene, irritation & inflammation as a result of various cosmetics & chemicals applied to the scalp, eczema, psoriasis, and emotional stress - through proper consultation and the process of elimination, a the cause can be determined, treatment recommended and, the scalp will begin to heal.

Self-Help home remedy: 1. Olive Oil Pre-shampoo Treatment put on scalp at night and shampoo the next day 2. Apple Cidar Vinegar Pre-shampoo Treatment mix one part water one part vinegar put on scalp cover with plastic cap let sit for 20min and shampoo.                                                                  


How Often should I Shampoo my Hair?
On average hair should be shampooed once a week for excessively curly hair textures. Under special conditions ie. working out, swimming, and certain scalp disordes shampoo regimes can be more or less frequent.                                                         


Why do I need To Get my Ends Trimmed?


Combing, brushing, blow drying, curling, rolling are all activities that we put our hair through daily stress the ends are most vunerable


Should I go from Relaxed to Natural?

Ultimately the decision to go from relaxed to natural is just that, a decision. Some are under the impression that natural hair equals healthy hair. This mentallity comes about because of the problems one may have experience while wearing a chemical relaxer.
 It is very possible to have relaxed hair and it be healthy, and it is very possible to have natural hair and it be unhealthy. Truth be told the process of applying a relaxer correctly is VERY technical, contrary to the belief that it is just the opposite, which in turn results in hair breakage, dry brittle hair, scalp damage, and fallage.


What Age is it Safe to Chemically Relax a Little Girl's Hair?   

As a rule any permanent processes done to girls under the age of 8 should be avoided, because of the fact that in most cases the hair strand does'nt reach maturity until right before puberty. Chemical applications if not done strategically can alter the structure of a young girl's hair permanently, and alot of times not for the good.                                      

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